• Graphic design is my life's calling, and is evident from the start if I look back to my early childhood; all these unconscious steps I took seem very predetermined now. As a toddler I was interested in movie posters and the type treatments on them, though at the time I had no idea what to call it. Since discovering the professional practice of graphic design, it's been an all-consuming force that eats much of both my working and free time.
  • When I manage to break free of design's grasp, I enjoy all other things art and culture related. Music has always been a major passion; my parents put me through piano lessons when I was younger, and — as well as listening to music all the time — I've played the drums for the past decade, forming a quasi-band with a lifelong friend. I'm also keenly interested in film and television (HBO mostly — there's not much else out there) and dream of one day writing and directing my own film or telenovela. (Crazy? Sure. That's what dreams are for.) Reading is another hobby of mine, though it's been too long since these eyes read much text from a printed page.

    When not busy with one of these various things, I can usually be found eating or sleeping.